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Oklahoma Islamic Academy

Oklahoma's 1st Islamic Homeschool Co-Op

Inspiring Muslim American Students of Today into Future Leaders of Tomorrow

a 501 C 3 non profit organization

What is A HomeSchool Co-Op?

You may already know, but "co-op" is short for cooperative. And, it’s not a term that is exclusive to the homeschooling community. It is a word that simply means: a group working together for a common goal. 

Homeschool students can choose from numerous online platforms and/or curriculums to earn the necessary credits. 

Homeschooling co-ops may form to:

*Offer academic as well as faith-based classes,

*Organize field trips,

*Participate in group arts and crafts, events, lectures, etc.

*Provide social time for homeschoolers who share common beliefs, interests, faiths, etc.

Many co-ops are academic, focusing on offering classes on different topics & subjects.

A homeschool co-op that offers to teach academic classes hires teacher(s), & requires co-op students to pay “tuition” to a center or organization that offers this type of co-op. The group will also need to decide how often they meet. Some homeschool co-ops meet weekly or even several times a week, while others meet monthly (or a couple of times each month). OIA's co-op meets 5 days a week.

*Homeschool co-ops can vary in size from a small co-op of only two or three families to a large, organized setting with paid instructors.

*What Are the Benefits?

A homeschool co-op can help both parents and students alike. They can help expand ​the knowledge base of an individual homeschool parent, allow parents to share their expertise with others, and provide student opportunities that would be difficult to achieve outside a group setting.

1. Promote Group Learning

A homeschool co-op provides an opportunity for homeschooled children to experience learning in a group atmosphere. Young students learn skills such as raising their hands to speak, taking turns, and waiting in lines. Older students learn more advanced group skills, such as collaborating with others on projects, class participation, and public speaking. Children of all ages learn to take instruction from someone other than a parent and to respect teachers and fellow students.

A homeschool co-op can also make what might be a boring class at home alone a much more enjoyable endeavor. It’s a relief for students not to be the one expected to give all the answers. It's also a learning experience for them to get other students' input and perspective.

2. Opportunities to Socialize

Homeschool co-ops provide socialization opportunities for both the parent and the student. Meeting on a weekly basis provides students with the opportunity to forge friendships. A regular co-op schedule also allows moms and dads to establish a daily routine for their homeschooled child. 

3. Some Classes Are Difficult to Teach at Home

For younger students, homeschool co-ops may offer enrichment classes or those that require more preparation and than everyday studies. These courses may include STEM activities, religious courses and/or foreign language studies. At OIA, our co-op offers ALL of these! Homeschool co-op classes for older students often include lab sciences, such as biology or chemistry, advanced math, writing, or foreign language. There are often opportunities for students to take classes that function better with a group.

4. Accountability

Because someone outside your immediate family is setting the schedule, a homeschool co-op can provide a level of accountability. This accountability makes co-op an excellent option for classes that may fall by the wayside at home. Students learn to take deadlines seriously and stay on schedule. Even students who don’t mind telling a parent that they “forgot” their homework are usually much more reluctant to make such an admission when called on in a classroom setting.

OIA's Islamic Co-Op offers the best platform for Muslim American students who are traditionally homeschooled, or who are enrolled in an online public school program, to join together and set & achieve common and high goals!

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