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Oklahoma Islamic Academy

Oklahoma's 1st Islamic Homeschool Co-Op

Inspiring Muslim American Students of Today into Future Leaders of Tomorrow

a 501 C 3 non profit organization

Our ​Team

Mrs. Suzan Khaimi, Team Leader

Mrs. Suzan M. Khaimi, M.Ed was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. In 2006, Suzan moved to Edmond, Oklahoma in pursuit of her graduate education as well as her husband Mahmoud's career in medicine. Upon graduation from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Master's in School Administration (Educational Leadership), Mrs. Suzan co-founded IQRA Center of Oklahoma (ICO) in 2012, an organization dedicated to the teaching of Quran, Arabic & Islamic Studies.. After 8 years of dedication and service to the Oklahoma Muslim Community, ICO expanded and re-branded its program, embarking on a contemporary and cutting-edge approach to Islamic Education. 

This marked the beginning of Oklahoma Islamic Academy, a vision that Mrs. Suzan developed with her amazing and highly-qualified team over several years. Mrs. Suzan believes in a flexible and tailored educational plan for each student, with the blended use of digital streaming, quality academic curriculum, dedicated​ teachers and an emphasis on the Muslim American identity. Mrs. Suzan also holds a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and Language, Literature & Writing from Eastern Michigan University. Mrs. Suzan continues to involve herself and her faculty in continuing education and professional development and is committed to serving the Oklahoma Muslim community with excellence.

Mrs. Sana Hanif, Assistant Administrator

A graduate from the University of Oklahoma and certified in Elementary Education, Mrs. Sana Hanif has worked as a math interventionist at Kennedy Elementary School in Oklahoma. Mrs. Sana also has several years of teaching experience as a 3rd and 5th grade teacher at both Kennedy Elementary and StoneRidge Elementary School in Oklahoma. In addition to her extensive teaching experience, Mrs. Sana has a vast amount of experience leading and conducting professional development seminars for educators. Mrs. Sana has also received training in the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute, as well as Dr. Robert Marzano Teacher Training Program and Great Expectations. Mrs. Sana is passionate about developing relationships and teaching students with innovative techniques in a student-centered learning environment. Mrs. Sana believes in employing creativity as a means to engage student curiosity while embedding a lifelong love of knowledge in children.

Mrs. Ouissal Slitine, Office Manager

Mrs. Ouissal Slitine honors OIA with her several years of experience in both the public school systems as well as her former experience as a Professor at the University of Central Oklahoma. In 2010, Mrs. Ouissal graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma, with a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages. Thereafter, Mrs. Ouissal was a professor in the Department of Foreign Languages at UCO. As well as a Bachelor's Degree from UCO, Mrs. Ouissal also holds an Associates Degree of Business Administration from Ecole Pigier University in Morocco. In addition to her experience in education, Mrs. Ouissal also has tremendous experience in office management and customer service. Her dedication, commitment to quality, and kindness are her shining character traits. 

Ms. Neveen Bashiti, Lead Teacher

Ms. Neveen Bashiti was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and has lived both in the States as well as abroad. Ms. Neveen eventually moved to Edmond, Oklahoma in pursuit of her education. In addition to completing her Bachelor's Degree in Law at the Applied Science University in Amman, Jordan, Ms. Neveen is also in the process of completing her second Bachelor's Degree in Special Education at the University of Central Oklahoma. Ms. ​Neveen has several years of experience in continued education in the fields of curriculum development and lesson planning, classroom behavior managment, and skill building activities. Ms. Neveen can speak, read, and write English, Arabic and French fluently. Whilst in Amman, Jordan, Ms. Neveen also completed her certified training in Qaidah Nooranieh, a renowned Quran tajweed program that teaches students how to master the art of Qur'anic recitation, and continues to train OIA faculty as a part of professional development. Ms. Neveen is one of the most dedicated teachers at Oklahoma Islamic Academy. Her students are always successful in their academic journey, a testimony to her vigilance and love for teaching.

Mr. Tamam Al-Ali, 

Director of Arabic Language

Mr. Tamam was born in Baghdad, Iraq and raised in Misan, Iraq. In Iraq, Tamam finished his Bachelor's Degree in Education from Basra University in 1999. Graduating at the top of his class, Mr. Tamam was awarded a scholarship from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education. His scholarship allowed him to pursue his Master's Degree in Biology from the University of Oklahoma, graduating in 2012. Mr. Tamam was then awarded a second scholarship from the University of Misan in 2014 in order to pursue his Ph.D. at the University of Kansas.

Since 2015, Mr. Tamam has researched and published in several scientific journals and publications throughout Germany, Canada, Egypt, Iraq, and the United States.

In addition to his studies in Biology, Mr. Tamam has extensive experience teaching Arabic, and he is a poet and story writer. Some of his certificates include his TOEFL PPT from the University of Oklahoma's Center for English as a Second Language earned in March 2010, as well as his TOEFL IPT certification from the Global Center for Language Testing in Baghdad, Iraq earned in July 2014. Mr.Tamam is fluent in computer science, additionally earning his computer fundamentals certificate from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research in July 2014.

As a tribute to his high achievements and overall excellence in education, Mr.Tamam prestigiously holds several Certificates of Appreciation from: the President of Misan University, the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Iraqi General Director of the Department of Missions & Cultural Relations, and from the Iraqi Cultural Office in Washington DC. Mr. Tamam and his wife and children currently reside in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed, M.D. Teacher

A certified Nigerian-trained physician with immense passion for Da'awah, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed, M.D. is a Qur'an Hafiz and an impressive reciter. Dr. Ahmed joined OIA with decades of experience in both the sciences and the Holy Quran. Dr. Ahmed is a passionate science and Quran teacher. His students continuously shine and enjoy his enthusiasm in the classroom. In addition to his degrees in science, as well as Islamic Studies and Quran, Dr. Ahmed is also certified in Qaidah Nooranieh.

Mrs. Najat Melad, Teacher

Mrs. Najat Meelad, Master of Arts (M.A.) in TESOL, was born and raised in Libya, and came to the United States in May, 2013. Mrs. Najat completed her Bachelor's Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Omar Al-Mukhtar University in 2004. In 2014, Mrs. Najat completed her Master's Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at the Oklahoma City University. Mrs. Najat successfully completed her practicum in Oklahoma City while pursuing her Master's Degree. Mrs. Najat has several years of experience teaching English in Libya to students of all levels and ages, including children and adults. In addition to this, Mrs. Najat also completed analytical courses in the study of Quran and can teach Quran reading and memorization, as well as Arabic to students from all backgrounds. In the United States, Najat taught and continues to teach preschool through middle school students in all academic subjects as well as in Islamic Studies, Arabic, Quran memorization and reading. Mrs. Najat is a valuable part of the OIA team and is passionate about best practices in instruction and ensuring her students receive a quality education. Mrs. Najat is also certified in Qaidah Nooranieh.

Mrs. Mona Hammoury, Teacher

Mrs. Mona Hammoury is a most professional and dedicated teacher with more than 12 years of teaching experience in both Lebanon and Abu Dhabi. Mrs. Mona holds certifications as well in classroom management, concept mapping and technology use in the classroom. She also completed a certificate in Advanced Teaching from the Oxford Training College. Mrs. Mona also holds certifications from the University of Cambridge, International Education Organization, Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt International Publishers and the Sustainable Schools Inititative for Abu Dhabi. Mrs. Mona holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the Lebanese University in Beirut, Lebanon. Mrs. Mona is a passionate science and mathematics teacher. Her love for teaching is evident in her students' success and shared passion for learning.

Mrs. Huma Sultan, Teacher

Mrs. Huma has worked at various prestigious institutes as an elementary school teacher. She has thoroughly utilized her knowledge of the ‘Montessori system’ to help her students learn and excel. Mrs. Huma has extensive experience in Education, coming from a long line of teachers in her own family MashaAllah. She has been part of the Montessori Teachers Training Institute as a workshop organizer as well as a presenter. Mrs. Huma has also conducted various workshops for teachers from various institutions including hands on Montessori in apparatus, and classroom and time management. In addition to holding an early elementary endorsement, Mrs. Huma also earned her Bachelors in Science. Her extensive experience and her dedication to her students makes Mrs. Huma a wonderful part of TEAM OIA.

Alaa Al-Issa, Paraprofessional 

Alaa D. Al Issa, a dedicated faculty member committed to professional development, was born in Basra, Iraq. Whilst living in Iraq, Alaa completed her Bachelor's Degree in Economics, graduating in 1999 from the University of Basra. Alaa worked with the South Petroleum Company for eight years before moving to Edmond, Oklahoma. Alaa is fluent in two languages, Arabic and English, with Arabic being her first language. Alaa continues to involve herself in continued education in order to refine her skills. Alaa has many years of experience teaching Arabic to students of all levels and ages as well as her many years of experience with special needs children. Alaa is certified in Qaidah Nooranieh. She has also earned her certificate in Excel and Microsoft Office from the Norman Public Library.

Alaa is married and has four children and currently lives in Edmond, Oklahoma.