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Oklahoma Islamic Academy

Mr. Salman Alam

Although Salman Alam had a solid career in Corporate IT Infrastructure Management in the state of Missouri positioned as one of the top five people of a well established corporation, he moved his family to Oklahoma to find a school that blends Islamic values with a strong academic foundation. Since arriving in America in 2007, Salman gained experience in various industries and remained up-to-date in leading trends and world news. His passion for knowledge is coupled with his concern for serving the greater good. He believes that as Muslims we are called to be good stewards of the pro​phet's legacy (peach be upon him) by acting with ihsan and passing that quality on to others, especially our next generation. From this, he has built a reputation as the guy who can get things done and is called on for advice from all walks of life. As an outspoken supporter of OIA, he is proud to promote the excellent academic standards, student-centered instruction, and Islamic environment that his family was looking for to build well-rounded future leaders of the ummah.