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Oklahoma's 1st islamic homeschool co-op

Inspiring Muslim American Students of Today into Future Leaders of Tomorrow

a 501 C 3 non profit organization

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Homeschool Co-Op? You may already know, but "co-op" is short for cooperative.

    And, it’s not a term that is exclusive to the homeschooling community.

    It is a word that simply means: a group working together for a common goal. 

    Homeschooling co-ops may form to:

    Offer academic as well as faith-based classes,

    Organize field trips,

    Participate in group arts and crafts,

    Provide social time for homeschoolers who share common beliefs, interests, faiths, etc.

  • Academic Enrichment Classes / Co-ops: Many co-ops are academic, focusing on offering classes on different topics.

  • A homeschool co-op that offers to teach academic classes: Hires teacher(s), requires co-op students to pay “tuition” to a center or organization that offers this type of co-op.

  • The group will also need to decide how often they meet. Some homeschool co-ops meet weekly or even several times a week, while others meet monthly (or a couple of times each month). OIA's co-op meets 5 days a week.

  • How do I Enroll?
    • Please click on Application Forms & Documents and fill out an application package. New students must fill out a New Student Application Form and returning students must fill out a Returning Student Application Form. Once completed, you can email your completed application package to [email protected] or send it via courier to our address:                                                  Oklahoma Islamic Academy 15200 Traditions Blvd Edmond OK 73013.
  • How is the pricing at OIA?
    • Pricing information is found by using this link.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    • Discounts are offered on a case by case basis
  • Where is OIA located?
    • We are located at 15200 Traditions Blvd Edmond OK 73013. You can download a map here or look us up on google maps.
  • Can I schedule a tour of your facility?
    • Our facility is uniquely situated in Edmond, rightly tagged "a place to grow." We would love to have you come in and have a first hand experience of our facility! Please call us on 405-255-9015 to schedule a visit.