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Oklahoma Islamic Academy

Oklahoma's 1st Islamic Homeschool Co-Op

Inspiring Muslim American Students of Today into Future Leaders of Tomorrow

a 501 C 3 non profit organization

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Homeschool Co-Op? You may already know, but "co-op" is short for cooperative.

    And, it’s not a term that is exclusive to the homeschooling community.

    It is a word that simply means: a group working together for a common goal. 

    Homeschooling co-ops may form to:

    Offer academic as well as faith-based classes,

    Organize field trips,

    Participate in group arts and crafts,

    Provide social time for homeschoolers who share common beliefs, interests, faiths, etc.

  • Academic Enrichment Classes / Co-ops: Many co-ops are academic, focusing on offering classes on different topics.

  • A homeschool co-op that offers to teach academic classes: Hires teacher(s), requires co-op students to pay “tuition” to a center or organization that offers this type of co-op.

  • The group will also need to decide how often they meet. Some homeschool co-ops meet weekly or even several times a week, while others meet monthly (or a couple of times each month). OIA's co-op meets 5 days a week.

  • How do I Enroll?
    • Please click on Application Forms & Documents and fill out an application package. New students must fill out a New Student Application Form and returning students must fill out a Returning Student Application Form. Once completed, you can email your completed application package to [email protected] or send it via courier to our address:                                                  
    • Oklahoma Islamic Academy 15200 Traditions Blvd Edmond OK 73013

  • Do you accept students with special needs?
    • With limited private funding, OIA is unable to accept students with special needs, which typically require special education teachers, resource teachers, school nurses, school psychologists, and so on. This includes students with both physical and cognitive needs. 
  • How is the pricing at OIA?
    • Pricing information is found by using this link.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    • Discounts are offered on a case by case basis
  • Where is OIA located?
    • We are located at 15200 Traditions Blvd Edmond OK 73013. You can download a map here or look us up on google maps.
  • Can I schedule a tour of your facility?
    • Our facility is uniquely situated in Edmond, rightly tagged "a place to grow." We would love to have you come in and have a first hand experience of our facility! Please call us on 405-255-9015 to schedule a visit.