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Oklahoma Islamic Academy

Oklahoma's 1st Islamic Homeschool Co-Op

Inspiring Muslim American Students of Today into Future Leaders of Tomorrow

a 501 C 3 non profit organization

Enrollment at Oklahoma Islamic Academy

Enrollment at OIA is easy. Please print the application for enrollment and carefully read through the entire application. Please fill in all questions. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. The application for enrollment also includes the payment plan. Please specify your choice. Please do not forget to print and sign the COVID-19 clause and submit this with your child's application. New students must submit also their birth certificate. All students, new and returning, must submit their most recent immunization records. Please do not forget to include your child's school supply fee with your first payment.

Your child will be required to get the flu vaccine every academic year and present proof of vaccination for the flu vaccine no later than October 31st each year.

Should it become available for children of all ages, your child will be required to get a COVID-19 vaccination before or during the academic year. (Due date for proof of vaccination pending and based on CDC/FDA guidelines).