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Oklahoma‚Äč Islamic Academy

Mrs. Ayat Doleh

Mrs. Ayat Doleh is a most dedicated and highly valuable asset of the OIA team. Mrs. Ayat has extensive experience teaching Calvert English Language-Arts, Calvert Science and the Calvert Social Studies curriculum. She also has tremendous experience teaching Saxon Math, All About Reading & Handwriting without Tears. Mrs. Ayat's strengths are her passion for teaching young students. Organized and patient, Mrs. Ayat understands that young learners need structure.

Best of all, Mrs. Ayat always does everything with a dash of humor. The best teachers understand mistakes and accidents happen, especially with young learners, and for this reason, Mrs. Ayat is open-minded, realistic and adaptable. Her observant and nurturing traits make her a favorite among her students! We are fortunate to call Mrs. Ayat an OIA Team member!