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Oklahoma Islamic Academy

Oklahoma's Finest Private Islamic School

OIA's teachers are all trained in Great Expectations 

Inspiring Muslim American Students of Today into Future Leaders of Tomorrow

a 501 C 3 non profit organization

The OIA Difference

  • At OIA, our staff wishes to provide quality Islamic education, without sacrificing any merit or superiority, than any private school of any religious denomination.  

  • We also believe that our families should not expect any less of us. Our staff is passionate about this goal.

  • We strive to be the best and will always deliver exceptional educational services. Our standards are very high and will continue to grow.

  • OIA is a non-profit organization developed solely for the purpose of providing our Muslim children a quality educational experience. 

  • Atypical of many Islamic organizations, our staff is all highly qualified in their subject areas. 

  • Our instructors all have a tremendous amount of experience.

  • Returning OIA students score significantly higher on their yearly assessments than most incoming new students, regardless of which schools students came from. This is a testament to our teachers and instructional practices.

  • By choosing OIA, you are putting your trust in our decision making processes and our attentiveness to best practices. 

  • We take this responsibility very seriously.

  • There may be concerns or circumstances that you may wish to bring to our attention, and we are always open to addressing those concerns. 

  • OIA is a professional organization operating systematically as a structured American organization. 

  • Our policies, procedures, prices and payment plans are always subject to change depending on the needs and growth of OIA. 

  • We also continue to reserve the right to make changes to any of these entities if we believe that it will benefit our students and staff.

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